Trail Medicine

Sometimes when the world gets too loud, I wonder what I’m doing here. I am a raw, open heart wandering around and I don’t seem to fit. Then I go visit Mama Nature (my church), and I effortlessly blend in. Church did not disappoint this morning. My favorite trail. Magic happens here and I feel … More Trail Medicine

Updated Class Offerings

I love offering art classes! Below is an updated list of my current classes for adults. All levels of experience are welcome.  Projects are designed to be enjoyable and enlightening for everyone, from beginner to expert.  Please note these are not paint-by-number projects.  Each piece will reflect your unique creativity.  Photos shown are only examples.   … More Updated Class Offerings

Etsy Refresh Sale

My Etsy has gotten a refresh and I’m celebrating with a 25% off sale! From Friday to Sunday (1/27-1/29), enjoy 25% off your purchase of fine art prints with the coupon code PRINTS25. Enjoy! 


It’s finally here – our LOVE BOMB! Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the bad in the world that we start to think there is nothing we can do to help change it.  It’s too big a problem.  What difference can one person make anyway?  So instead we do nothing. I completely understand this way … More LOVE BOMB

Intuitive Paiting

Intuitive painting is a process of creating that asks you to paint from your heart and not your head.  It’s a practice of following the colors that delight you and the tools that whisper to you.  The idea is to build joyful layers based on your creative urges.  I love the idea of a joyful … More Intuitive Paiting


I am pissed.  Frustrated.  In the dark.  My thoughts are panicky and racing.  When I am in this place, I am usually in too deep to think clearly.   My yoga class doesn’t meet today. My friend doesn’t answer my text. I want to get out of here. I decide to go for a hike. … More Remembering

Letting Go

There is new art print available in my Etsy.  And I have a lot to say about this one… Somewhere along the way, we (or maybe just me?) learned that letting go of whatever weighs us down is a moment full of fireworks and confetti.  This thrilling moment is Oprah-show-worthy and one we’ve been waiting … More Letting Go